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The 2015-16 school year comes in with many changes, yet there is also an excitement about the potential of things to come.  Our new district administrative team offers a wide range of experience in the field of education which will serve our students and district well.  Our school board has a vision of excellence and is committed to providing the best opportunities for our students.   Our parents want a school where there children receive a quality education and can become well prepared for adulthood.   And the community is devoted to a partnership of success for the children of Colon Schools.

It’s a great time to be a part of Colon Schools.  We have beautiful, updated facilities with state of the art technology.  We offer a wide range of career and college courses including Career Technical Education Programs through both the Branch Area Career Center and the St. Joseph County ISD.  Additionally, we offer dual enrollment courses through Glen Oaks Community College, including several Glen Oaks courses taught at Colon High School.   We offer a full art and music program K-12 and offer many extra-curricular clubs and activities for all of our students.  And, we have a staff that is committed to excellence and opportunities for our students.

We look forward to serving our students, families and community in educational partnership as we prepare our youth to reach their full potential.  WE ARE COLON!

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Village Market Dollars for Education!

Village Market Dollars for Education is back. This program is all about giving back to the community. When you buy groceries and turn in your receipts, we receive a percentage of that receipt for school education needs such as new books, equipment, field trips and more. We have 3 dates throughout this school year that are called Double Days and student collection days…October 22nd, November 17th and December 15th.

We are looking for a parent/adult to volunteer to collect receipts at the Colon store on November 17th and December 15th. Elementary students are encouraged to help but must be accompanied by an adult. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact the Colon Elementary Office.

$$$$ Turn your receipts into something we can use! $$$$

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