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Thanksgiving and Veterans Day Assembly

CES and Leonidas Schools celebrated Veterans Day and Thanksgiving today with an assembly put on by the Veterans and Auxillary Members of the Colon American Legion. Students enjoyed learning the importance of each of the 13 folds with folding our country’s flag. Mrs. Hymer was presented a new flag for the school.

The Colon American Legion is providing a free Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving Day at 2:00. They are providing a Puppet Show of Sleeping Beauty on December 2ndat the Christmas in Colon. On December 23 Santa will be taking pictures and giving gifts to all children that stop by the Colon American Legion.



Thanksgiving is here and we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Everyday we enjoy having your children in our classrooms with us.  We spend time creating and developing our school family.  Students in all grades hear about helping one another, caring for each other and taking time to be respectful.

Wednesday, November 22, we will begin our day with an assembly.  The Auxiliary Members of the Colon American Legion and Veterans will be presenting our flag; they will be including information on how to fold a flag, the 13 folds of the flag, and what each fold represents.

Students are dismissed at 12:00 this Wednesday.

We hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


Carnival Night Winners

$100 Winner At Carnival Night Nate and his family won the top prize for having filled out the school’s lunch forms! CONGRATULATIONS!


Congratulations to Isabelle and Kyle’s family for winning the $25 VISA cars for filling out our school lunch forms at Carnival Night!

Congratulations to Sierra and Glen’s family for winning the $25 VISA cars for filling out our school lunch forms at Carnival Night!

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